Thursday, July 3, 2014

May and June pictures

Pictures from the past two months! Both of which have flown by, but I think that's normal when juggling three kids haha

Not too much happening around here. I have been working with Isaac on learning his alphabet and he's getting there. Also working with him on writing and holding the pen/pencil properly. He's still trying to figure out which hand he likes to use best.

Rose finally stopped using the pacifier (she was only using it at nap and bedtime) and Penny doesn't use one at all so we are finally a paci-free home!

Penny is just growing so much! Already 5 months old, rolling over all the time, and I swear she is trying to crawl!

My mom visited in May which was lots of fun. We'll doing our own vacation in September, spending some time in California (also going to Disneyland again!) and then going to Pennsylvania for a bit too.

May pictures from my camera

 hanging out with some toys

 water coloring

 messy head

 Practicing writing

 Rose wanted to practice too

 how I found her one morning

 Tea party time

 Watching mommy cook 

 Grandma T painting Rose's nails

 finished result

 toes done too

 Isaac didn't want to be left out, so he painted his toe nails… in a clear glitter color

 Such concentration! 

 His finished result haha

 Passed out

 Both rolled up like a baby newborn

 Grandma T with her grandkids 

 Hanging out in the gumbo

 Official 4month old picture 

 Hanging out together 

 He loves playing with her

 Daddy got donuts one morning, Yummy!

 This is what happens when Daddy does Rose's hair

 Playing a video game. 

She was quiet upstairs and I found her reading in her room. 

Not sure how she see's with her hair in her face… 

He wanted Penny to sit with him

At the beach. This kid loves being in the water

She loves the sand

Trying to body surf

Beach baby bumming around

Me and Penny hanging out at the beach

Daddy dug a hole… 

And filled it with water for Rose to play in (since she isn't a fan of the wave)

Penny's selfie at the beach

Hanging out in her beach tent

Tent just for Penny to keep her out of the sun

Rosie lounging in her water-hole

Oops, filled up with sand

May Pictures from my camera

Trying on daddy's boot

Playing with her My Little Pony

Smiling at her toys

So serious

Trying to sit

First time in the big stroller

Hanging out with Isaac on daddy's chair

Playing in the rain

They are soaked!

Playing on Granda T's phone and watching a video on it

At Buffalo Wild Wings, the kids each got a crown to wear. Rose got the Saucey Boss because she's so bossy
Penny was daddy's Wing Man haha

And Isaac was Wild Winger (he does get pretty wild at times)

Playing with rings while hanging out in her bumbo

Another pic of how Matt did Rose's hair. She looks like a kid from Who-ville

June picture from my camera

In the jumper for the first time

She really liked it

Isaac was showing her all the toys on it

Passed out while playing on the floor

She has just enough hair to barely old a bow in it

Watching cartoons while sucking on her fingers and holding her foot haha

5 months old!!!

Hanging out on the floor

Laughing at her brother

Miss Drool Face

Isaac smiling for me

Rose NOT smiling for me (typical!)

Getting the serious face from Penny too

June pictures from my phone

Took a hike with the kids one day

They got a little muddy… 

Went to the state park and had a picnic lunch

Penny hanging out under the tree

How she sleeps, sucking on two fingers

Showing off her new Baltic Amber Teething Necklace 

Passed out in her jumper (happens at least once a day now)

All three hanging out outside

Matt's Father's Day gift 

Such a happy girl!

Isaac and his bright, blue eyes

My wild child, Rose!

She looks like her midd-name name-sake, Nana!

Hanging out with friends and coloring together 

Sleeping at the beach

Matt and Isaac in the water

Rosie on the beach, playing with the sand toys

After about two hours, she FINALLY decided to try out the ocean

She fell asleep sucking on my shirt

These two are so cute together. 

Daddy did her hair again

She found her toes and decided to taste-test them

Got a new stuffed animal from Grandma T 

A Piggy Scentsy buddy

The pig's name is Penny the Pig 

Grandma T got Isaac what he has been asking for for MONTHS now.. a Snackeeze cup!

Rosie got one too!

Got him a workbook to work on writing his alphabet. 

The book is neat, it uses dry-erase markers so you can wipe it off and re-use the book over and over. 

He wanted to pretend to be Penny but chewing on her hand like she does to her own

Another pic of her holding her feet while sucking on her fingers 

Daddy made them a slide for the stairs… 

She loves her feet!

So happy!

Back of her head.. still dark on the bottom and bald everywhere else. Poor thing!

And here are a few videos as well :)

Video of her first rolling over (now she does it ALL THE TIME)

She loves her jumper

She loves her brother and saves her biggest and loudest squeals for him

That's all for now!