Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 
Welcome 2015!!!

Isaac (4yrs 10m), Penny(11m), and Rose (3yrs)

Highlights of 2014:
-Baby #3 was born at the end of January - Penelope Joanne Black, born 3 weeks early, weighed 5lbs, 3.8oz, and 18.5in tall. Such a little peanut!
-Isaac turned 4 in February!
-Grandma Deb, Grandma Lucy, and Grandma Teresa all got to come and visit us in Hawaii!!
-Matt and I went to Maui (with Penny in tow since she was only a few weeks old at the time) to see a good friend get married in March, and I also got to meet up with some family friends that I haven't seen since I was 13 (Hello Kittners!)!!
-End of September/beginning of October we took our three kids on a huge trip; we went to California for a week and half, which we visited family, friends, and went to Disneyland, then went to Pennsylvania for another week and a half to visit even more friends and family. It was long and tiring at times, but so worth it!
-Had our first child admitted overnight to a hospital -- Rose, while at Disneyland, got herself severely dehydrated.
-Rose turned 3 in December!

It's crazy looking back at pictures from throughout the year and seeing how much each child has changed. It doesn't seem like it most of the time, because we are with them all day, every day, but there is definitely growing happening!

This upcoming year should be pretty relaxed, but one new thing will be happening: Isaac will be starting Kindergarten in the fall! I hope he loves it, and I hope he does well.

Around the Oct/Nov timeframe (which is still a LONG ways away) we should be finding out where we are going next after this Hawaii tour is over. I'm excited to see if we're going someplace new or going back to where we've already been. One thing's for certain, we should be back on the mainland which means we'll be closer to family again!

It also looks like some good friends of ours might be PCSing back to Hawaii in the middle of this year, so that will be awesome to be able to see them more often again, but then we'll be leaving less then a year later. Hopefully our paths will cross again and again though :)

That's all for now!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 2014 Pics - Part 2

Second December picture post. These are from after Rose's birthday on the 19th, so this is mostly Christmas pictures :)

Pictures from camera:

 Isaac said he needed to do homework with scissors... he spent almost an hour cutting this piece of paper. 

Turns out, he wanted to make an elephant... so we did a little craft time and did these together

 My little night owl, Usually doesn't go to sleep until 9:30-10pm. 

 Bugging her doggy 

 Decorating a ginger bread house

 Finished result

 Presents from Santa: A Switch n Go Dino for Isaac, Pound Puppy for Rose, Play table for Penny, and a kitchen for all

 Presents under the tree (from us, family, and friends)

 Kid's stockings hung with care :) 

 Isaac waiting for mommy and sisters before coming downstairs 

 Snuggling one of the stuffed doggies she got for Christmas


 Mommy helping Penny open gifts

 Hello Kitty Jammies!

 On to the next present (she actually opened all of her gifts fairly quickly, while Isaac just wanted to play with his new dino toy. Not until I told him that Rose was going to start opening his gifts, did he start to open more. She kept asking "now what?" when she ran out of gifts to open haha. I let her help open Penny's gifts)

 Playing with his new dino

 Looking for more presents to open

 Patting a blanket that was made for her by Mrs. B (Grandma Jeannette)

 Checking out toys 

 They got necklaces with a Bears claw in them from their Grandpa Terry, very neat!

 He thought we said "call" not "claw" so he started blowing on it like it was a whistle hahaha!

 Checking out their stocking goodies 

 My attempt at getting pictures of the kids in their Christmas shirts from Grandma Deb

This baby is already 11 months old! We'll be celebrating her 1st birthday before we know it! 

Pictures from phone:

 She liked putting the tied of part of the balloon in her mouth and crawl around with it. Crazy child. 

 The kids with their masterpiece gingerbread house 

 Just chilling in her high chair

 Their ornaments they got this year. Hulk for Isaac, Elsa for Rose, and Baby's 1st Christmas Minnie Mouse for Penny 

 Loving the new stuffed ornament we got from our friend Danay

 Close up of the Switch-n-Go Dino that Isaac got from Santa 

 Penny's Play table from Santa 

 Rose's Pound Puppy from Santa. Rose named him Spot. 

 Isaac had accurately described this as a "sea of presents" 

 Playing with some MagnaForms they got for Christmas 

 Playing with her new toy remote, which she thought was a phone. She was putting it up to her ear and saying "ya.... ya.... ya..."

 Playing Connect 4 (or, their version, which is fill up all the slots with coins)

 He loves me taking his picture 

 Her newest thing is to climb up on the chairs and watch TV

Isaac and Penny watching shows together

A handful of videos:
Christmas Morning :) 

Penny saying "Baby"

At a Christmas Party, Santa shows up! (Listen to Rose at the end.. she says "I don't like him!"

How Rose and Penny play together. Very funny

Penny loves to nod "yes". Kind of hard to see, but it's towards the end of the video 

Trying to get Penny to say "mama"..she says dada, baba, bye-bye... finally mama at the end!