Saturday, November 22, 2014

October 2014 Pictures

Here are pics from October... better late then never, right? haha!

These ones are from my camera:

 Playing with the train set. Penny usually attacks the trains when they get near her.

 Love this pic of the two of them

 So much hair!!

 Such a cutie!

 Getting so big!

 Dressed up as Elsa for a Halloween party (a week before Halloween)


 Singing "Let it goooo" haha!

 I loved how her hair turned out! Thanks to Miss Brooke who did it for us.

 Being silly 

Little Penny is already 9 months old! 

 Such pretty blue eyes

 She loves scrunching up her nose at us

For fun, a picture of all my kids at 9months old!

 Wearing Halloween PJ's that used to be Rose's 

 Isaac wearing his Halloween jammies

 Rose in her Halloween jammies, though she didn't want me to take her picture lol

 Helping us de-gutt the pumpkins

 Such good helpers!

 Rose's pumpking was a My Little Pony

 Isaac's was dinosaurs 

 Penny was a cute little lady bug for her first Halloween

 Isaac was Wolverine 

 Great action shot with his new wolverine claws that his daddy got him

 Ready to go out

 Totally done with taking pictures haha 

All three dressed up for Halloween 

Pictures from my cell phone

 "Fixing" things

 Determined to climb those steps. At this point, she couldn't get her knee up all the way. 

 Yummy pasta

 I told her to say Cheese haha!

 Isaac drew himself as a dinosaur 

 Rose was playing patty-cake with Penny 

 Showing off her clip-on earrings 

 I was having fun with the magnets haha 

 Watching mommy cook dinner in the kitchen 

 Passed out on the floor

 Selfie with my girls 

 Trying to get a picture with all three kids...not an easy task!

 I like this one!

 Isaac, me, and Penny

 Helping decorate the window with Halloween window clings 

 Trying to follow her brother and sister

 She loves watching cartoons with her siblings

 She loves pulling herself up onto the lego bin and digging through them

 Playing with the dog's tags haha he's so patient with the kids

 Saving food for later I think?? haha... 

 Rose wanted to pain her daddy's toenails pink like hers. 
He even left them pink for a week haha what a great daddy :) 

 She finally learned how to climb the stairs, so we had to finally install the baby gate.

 Licking cake batter off the beaters 

 Yummy pink cake! (this cake was made as a bribe to get her to poop on the potty... she finally did so we made her a pink cake)

 Every time I see her, she's standing somewhere in the house, holding onto something. 

 She refuses to take naps, but some days she just can't quite make it to bedtime without getting a little catnap in

 Pool time! The boys are too wild for Rose so she got her own pool to herself (too bad that it finally cracked and broke though, we've had it for almost 3yrs though)

 Me and Rosie 

 Matt made this backdrop for Halloween to go infant of the garage. 

 Another day she napped

 Checking out her blue tongue she got from a lollypop 

 Cute little fairy costume for the Halloween party. Love the little wings on it!

 Lil' Devil Baby!

 Stick monster craft we created, thanks to Grandma Deb. These ones are Rose's 

 Isaac's stick monsters 

 Hmm.. seems fitting sometimes! 

 She likes to go up to pillows, lay down, and say "ni-ni" 

 Trying to attack my phone

 Halloween morning in Halloween jammies 

 Lover of chocolate already.... yup, she's my kid! (no she didn't actually have any)

 Halloween group shot! Willa, Rose, Berkley, Benji, Brendan, and Isaac 

 Our pumpkins together outside 

Background all lit up from behind. Matt handed out candy infant of it. 

BONUS! Videos :)

Rosie was using Grandma T's phone to take pictures of Penny. 

Penny's favorite toy... she loves dancing to it

Rose painting her daddy's toes pink

That's all for now!