Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April 2015 pics - Part 2 - Misc pictures

In the last post, I did an update on all of the family members, but there was one member I forgot about.. Theo. He's doing well too, but his age is finally catching up to him. One morning when he woke up, he wasn't able to lift his head, at all. He wasn't walking very well either. Took him to the vet and apparently his back was hurting him and without extensive testing, the cause was unknown. So we decided to do some at-home treatment and see how things went if anything else needed to do later. the first part of treatment was having him stay in a kennel at home and very limited activity to not aggravate his back worse. After a week he was back to normal, so nothing else happened with that. A few weeks later, he started limping and not using his right paw for a few days. He would go back and forth from using and it and not, but he never seemed be hurting and even kept trying to run around. We think it's arthritis. When it get's like that, I put him in his kennel to ensure he rests up for a few days, so if you see the dog kennel in the pictures, that is why.

Here are the rest of the pictures from April. Mostly from around the house and from my phone.

 Checking out the kennel

 Ok, not having anymore fun in this thing anymore!

 All three in the kennel (Poor Penny wants OUT!)

 He was supposed to go into his kennel, but instead curled up in to his bed which was being stored between the wall and his kennel 

 Talking on the phone with grandma

 Sky came over and somehow got stuck in the kennel too, haha! 

 Eating dinner with a fork 

She woke up from her nap but then fell back asleep. Matt put her in the dog bed to continue her nap. I really love this picture. 

 Finally waking up

 Someone figured out the bunkbed steps. Goody....

 Taking the term "stair-step children" to a whole new level haha!

 Wearing matching Big and Lil Sister shirts 

 I love how she looks at Rose and smiles

 All three munchkins 

 Enjoying time in the sprinklers 

 Spraying Penny with a water sprayer

 Action shot, haha!

 Isaac asked for some water to drink, I obliged haha

 Sky spent the night and we rented a movie for the kids (Penguins of Madagascar) 

 Crazy little nutty child!

Sprinkler time after dinner

From my phone:

 I painted Rose's nails one day, so she decided that I needed mine done as well. 

 Crazy hair child!

 Checking on Theo in the kennel 

 Penny with her friend, Kaylee

 Little monkey

 She is always closing the dishwasher when I'm trying to put things in there 

 One evening I was trying to cook dinner and Penny just wanted me to hold her. So I pulled out the baby carrier and put her on my back and she calmed down.

 She even feel asleep after about 10 minutes or so

 She wanted to play video games with her big brother...she is also saying "cheese" at the camera.

 Hanama Falls 

 Hanama Falls selfie

 Me and Rosie (yes, she is holding a blown-up glove.. she got it at the doctors when Isaac went in for his TB testing for school)

 He put this motorcycle together all by himself. He LOVES lego's!

 Kids and I were getting ready to head out and Sky hopped into Penny's carseat to talk to Isaac lol

 At Costco with our friends and Rose and Harley decided to test out a beach chair 

 Little monkey pushed the chair infant of the TV and then stood on it.

 Having fun in the sprinklers 

 First ponytail!

Watching Frozen, in her Sofia the First dress, wearing an inflatable crown. This is Rose in a nutshell!

And that is all for the month of April!