Monday, February 22, 2016

Birthdays and small update

The past three months have been filled with birthdays, but now all our kids are a year older! Rose turned 4 in December, Penny turned 2 in January, and Isaac turned 6 today. They are all getting so big! Here are some updates on them.


She is still such a sassy little girl. We're working on potty training still -- she actually was 100% potty trained when she was 3.5yrs old, but then she started regressing and she had to go back to pull-ups for a while. She loves to sing and dance and make up songs. She plays (fairly) well with her sister. She loves to go out to stores, whether it's to Target or the Commissary or even Home Depot, she always wants to go.

At her well child 4yr old checkup, she is 34.2lbs and 38.6in (Or 3feet 2.6inches).


We call her our wild child for a reason.. not only because her hair either! She runs around the house and squeals. She is also her sisters shadow and copies everything she does. Luckily, Rose doesn't mind in the slightest (I'm sure at some point it'll start to annoy her). She thinks he is a big girl (just like her siblings) and insists on doing anything they do, like walking instead of using a stroller or shopping cart while out and about. She's a little smarty pants and talks up a storm and has started counting well past 10. Her newest "trick" is that she can open and close the back sliding glass door all day long.. we've finally had to stick some wood in the door so she can't open it whenever she wants (she was also sneaking outside to play anytime she felt like it, so it was also a security measures as well).

At her well-child 2yr old check up, she is 26lbs and 32inches (or 2ft 8in)


My oldest baby turn 6 today! Some days I just can't believe it. He's doing so well in school and I'm so proud of him. He's pretty good at reading books that are aimed at his age group (those Step-into-Reading books are a big help!). He's obsessed with anything dinosaurs, he loves the ocean, he'll play with LEGO's for hours and has to do everything by the instructions and just making things himself is uncalled of around here. We signed him up for baseball which will be starting this March and so far he's pretty excited about it and loves practicing outside with his dad, whether it's catching, throwing, or hitting.

At his well-child 6yr check up, he is 45lbs and 3ft 4.25

As for the family, we're all doing well. We are still in Hawaii, though not for long. We will either be leaving in May for Ohio or June for Maryland, it all depends on if Matt gets into the a master program held through the air-force which is located in Ohio. We find out March 15th the official word, so we're waiting...  and waiting... and waiting. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


It's been a while since I have updated the blog. Life is just really busy with three kids :) I'll try and update every now and again, but it probably won't be monthly anymore. I do upload pictures to my Facebook account, which is public, which is here:

Monday, June 22, 2015

May 2015

This May post is very late! It's almost June haha! But better late then never, right?

As usual, I have pictures from my cameras and phone plus another set of pics from our hiking adventures.

Here are May pictures from my cameras:

 One of my favorite pics. Matt even made a frame for this and gave it to me for Mother's Day :)

 Little cutie

 Her hair is SO curly!

 Crazy child

 Love her

 Mommy reading to the kids

 Isaac posing for the pics while the girls listen to the story

 Silly boy

 Penny photo-bomed her brother haha

 Yup, still reading haha

 Three sleepy kiddo's on Daddy's chair 

 She loves wearing shoes.... anyones shoes! 

 Isaac loves to the Lion King movies 

 Rosie having fun in the pool

 Theo waiting for to stop taking pictures and to throw his toy

 Enjoying her yogurt 

 The room exploded with lego's one day.... 

 Rose was giving Penny a hug and Penny wasn't too sure about it haha!

 She likes to hang out on the steps

 The day Matt re-enlisted, it was raining right up until it was time. We got to park by some cool planes. 

 Matt chose this specific spot because Isaac loves the Shark Plane (P-40). 


 Getting sworn in. I realize I am on the wrong side to take good pics of Matt, but I was also trying to keep the kids quiet and still, so this the best I could do :) 

 Loving the swing

 Both girls swinging 


 Serious little Logan 

 Chasing birds

 I think she has a mouthful of crackers haha

Smiley Logan!

Hiking pictures for May

 Judd Trail - May 2, 2015

Rose is ready!

Daddy was able to go on this hike, so he carried Penny

First obstacle is crossing a stream by stepping on rocks

Our family crossing the stream

One of the other little hikers helping Isaac to the last rock.

Muddy shoes!

Following the stream to the waterhole

Family picture

Isaac and Rose in the watering hole

Happy to be in the water

She fell... water is COLD!

Penny just chilling with daddy

On the way back

Waiting for slow-pokes mommy and Rose

Back across the stream again

 Koko Head Crater hike - May 9, 2015

 Some pretty flowers

 Rose and a pretty rock she found

 Isaac ready to go!

 She loves pink!

 Very round cacti

 Matt showing the kids the cacti

 Looks like a serpent

 In the hiking backpack

 Some pretty flowers in little cacti

Isaac walking with mommy

 The crater rim (we are inside the volcano)

 This is called the "sausage tree"...  These pods are heavy too!

 Isaac hiking with Matt (with a passed out Penny on his back haha)

Eating some snacks after the hike in the van while cooling down

 Wahiawa Botanical Garden - May 15, 2015
Group picture of all the hikers

Eating a snack

 Let Penny walk most of this one

Following Isaac and Rosie on the trail

 Holding Isaac's hand.. so cute!

 Some cool looking trees

Another cool tree - eucalyptus

 Friendship Garden trail - May 21, 2015

 Kids waiting to start the hike

 Some pretty views on this hike

 Hiking along the trail

Mommy and Penny

 Rose walking through the bamboo

Pics from cell phone (which are not that great of quality, sorry!)

 At her well-child check up for 15months:
23lbs 3oz, 29.13inches

 Using a spoon

 Went to my first paint-n-sip. So much fun!

 Sippin' a Mei-tai

 About halfway through


 Up on the wall

 Rose and Penny watching cartoons together

 Penny passed out with Matt so he stuck her in the dog kennel. Mean daddy!

 Told the kids I was going to take them to the movies and that it might get chilly so they should wear pants.. they also insisted on jackets haha

 Smiley girl

 Excited for the movies (Watching "Home")

 Mommy's Mother's Day gift - movie with the big kids!

 Fun pool time

 Enjoying her first popsicle
(See video at bottom!)

 Went to a Pick-n-Paint with the kids one Saturday.
Rose painted a turtle and Isaac painted a jet.

 Rose's mattress was on the floor for a while (she had a cough that would wake her and it was easier to get to her this way). This is Penny about to fall off the mattress haha

 Made some keep-sake boxes for the kids
This one is Isaac's

 The different sections

 All three boxes

 Rose wanted her blanket tied around her head.... little babushka!

 Matt wanted to show Isaac how to use the push mower. Penny was supervising haha

 Helping Isaac out

Good joke Isaac!

And now for a cute video of Penny eating her first popsicle :)

That is all for the month of May! Hopefully June won't be so late.