Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Month of March

March this year just seemed to fly by. Between guests, a quick trip to Maui, and three kids keeping me oh my toes, it seemed that April came all too soon! I have a months worth of pictures to post, not just mine, but also Grandma Lucy's as well (who visited for two weeks at the beginning of the month)….There are over 200 pictures combined haha. 

The first two weeks this month Grandma Lucy was here to visit (she arrived the day before Grandma Deb left) and she stayed with the older two kids while Matt and I went to Maui for a friends wedding (we took Penny, since I'm her food source haha). Erin and Dan were here as well before and after the Maui trip (it was Erin's sister Kate who got married). While in Maui I was able to meet up with some family friends I haven't seen in about 19 years, the Kittner's. After returning from Maui, Kim and her youngest daughter Hailie came to visit for a few days so they could see Lucy before she went back home. 

I loved having everyone here; it was fun and also very helpful as well. But after 7 weeks of non-stop guests, it was finally time for me to be with the kids by myself during the day. It hasn't been too bad, thankfully, since Penny still sleeps a lot. The older ones keep me busy by breaking up fights over toys, cleaning up messes, and just the usual of making sure they aren't getting into trouble. 

It was also my birthday this month and I am now 32yrs old. Yikes, when did THAT happen?? haha!!

Below are pictures taken from our camera, then I will post pictures from Grandma Lucy's camera. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the pictures! 

 She's getting so big!

 Playing with monkeys in a barrel 

 Attempting to get a picture of her eye color

 Itty bitty Penny!

 Trying to get kisses

 Hitting my cheeks when I fill them up with air

 yay, Rosie kisses!

 She looks like a pixie

 In Maui for Kate's wedding. Penny slept the whole time

Matt, Penny, and I with the bride and groom, Kate and Jeremy! 
It was  beautiful day!!

 Penny wasn't too happy at the reception 

 Penny with the bride at the reception. She's bundled up because it was actually getting pretty chilly as the sun was going down. 

 Driving the Hana HWY, stopped to get a picture by a waterfall. 

 Both kids brushing their teeth

Using the step stool that their daddy made for them!

 Her hair is getting so long!

 All three kids watching cartoons haha

 Playing with their baby sister

 Rosie holding her sisters hand, awe!

 Penny and Isaac on St. Patrick's Day

 Penny and Rose on St. Patrick's Day

All three kids. Isaac was done taking pictures though haha

 I thought she finished her dinner… apparently it was just all on her lap. 

He had to be good for 5 day to earn his Ukulele.. it took almost 2 weeks but he finally did it!

 Having a fit… "why?" you ask...

 Because her brother is sitting on the chair with her. 

 Wearing the froggy jammies that used to be Isaac's, then Rose's, and now hers. 

All three wearing the froggy jammies. 
Isaac was 10wks old. 
Rose was 4-5wks old. 
Penny was 8wks old. 

 Holding hands, so sweet!

He just loves his baby sister


 More smiles while wearing her Penny shirt :)

Getting big! Officially 2 months old too!

That's it for my pictures. Below are Grandma Lucy's pictures (who originally took over 1,000 photos while here, but I narrowed it down to 170ish….) 

 Presents from Grandma Lucy

 Grandma Lucy with Isaac

 In a onsie from her Uncle Joey

 In a onsie that all three kids have now worn

 She loves her sister

 He loves to hold her

 The only way she'll sleep, all swaddled up

 On a rainy walk with Grandma 

 Playing with Penny

 I love this picture. 

 Building bridges with Legos

 At the park

 Snack time at the park 

 Climbing the "rock wall"

 Rosie tried too

 Almost to the top!

 Wacky hair-do that Grandma gave her

 Four pony-tails! 

 I don't think they liked that tree lol 

 Checking out the flowers

 More park time

 About to go down the tube slide

 Lovely hair Rosie haha

 Snack time at the park

 He got his birthday present in the mail from Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Ed…wonder what it is?

 A BIG Buzz Lightyear

 He loves it!

 Reading stories together before bed

Rosie was "reading" to Isaac

 Another new hairstyle by Grandma Lucy

 Learning how to do a Thumbs-up!

 Stlyin' Rosie! 

 Having a meltdown over something

 Getting ready to go on a mile walk with Grandma 

 Getting ready to go play in the splash park

 He got a special treat from Grandma Lucy one day while Rosie was napping!

 Playing on his mommy's laptop one day while Rose naps

 Doing what she does best… sleep!


Playing in a rain puddle

 Chilling out

 Very awake and alert

 Beginning of a smirk

 Comfy on grandma 

Running around the living room before bed

 Hanging out with Grandma in her room one night

 Ready to go to Hickam Beach. He's wearing his new swim stuff and hat from Grandma Deb

 Rose is ready to go to, but didnt have a hat, so I had to dig out one that is meant for 6-12month olds. She now has two new beach hats that fit her haha

 Penny at the beach

 What a bum haha

 Rose likes to play in the sand at the beach and stays out of the water

 Isaac however, spends 99% of his time in the water when we're at the beach

 Trying to ride the waves

 A family picture of sorts haha… Matt and I in the chairs, Rose in the sand, Isaac running off, and Penny sleeping in the tent behind us

 Soaking their feet in a daddy-made hole

 Splash Splash Splash

Penny smiling while Hailie holds her

 Being held by Miss Kim

 Sleeping with a paci (though now she very rarely uses it)

 He just loves her

 Love this face

 Grandma having fun with some leis she got at a luau she went too

 Wearing a cute little outfit

 Tried to get a picture of all three kids together… this is the best we got haha

 Funny picture because I'm accidentally photobombing it 

 At the splash again, this time with Hailie

 She liked to run under the water that was falling out of buckets

 Love this pic haha

 Rose found a little friend to play with while at the splash park

 Playing with the water sprayers

Haha he accidentally got himself! 

And that is ALL the pictures from the month of March! If you made it this far, I commend you! I will try to update more often, but seeing as it took almost 3 days to just do this ONE post, we'll just have to see :)