Monday, August 4, 2014

July Update and pictures

This year is just flying by. Can't believe it's already more then half over and Penny is already halfway to a year old!

Everyone is doing really well. Kids are growing like weeds, all three of them! Matt is taking online classes through Penn State as well as working, so he's been busy doing that. And my days are busy with the kids :) We try to go to the beach or a pool during the weekends, or have friends over for dinner.

Here are the pictures from the camera from this past month:

 Tried to get all three to pose on the bed on their bellies…. this was the best I could get!

 Loving food!

 "Here mom, let me help you". 

 Loves stickers. 

 Again, trying to get all three to look AT me… nope… 

 Daddy did her hair… 

 Growing up!

 Playing with toys 

 "Mommy, look at what I'm doing!"

 This face cracks me up every time I see it!

 Gummy smile

 Playing together 

 She loves sitting up, she even does it while sitting in her bouncer chair 

 Who's that in the tent…? 

 All three kids! (don't mind Rose, she was mid-blink)

 All. That. Hair! 


 Rose, you have a bit of yogurt on your face… 

 Little messy eater as well 

 Isaac wanted me to take a picture of him eating yogurt too :) At least he is clean! 

 She looks very concerned about something 

 Her new way to smile… tight lipped! 

Officially turned 6 months old! 

 Now that she's sitting up, she gets to join in at bath time in her bath ring 

 Hmmm… tub is getting a bit full. 

 All clean! 

 Lots and lots and LOTS of bows in her hair 

 Top view 

Silly face

Here are pictures from my camera (some are blurry because these kids just don't sit still haha!)

 Sitting together on the floor 

 Mmm… tasty socks 

 Fell asleep in her chair 
(don't worry, we buckle her in, but I placed her in while asleep and she turned over right away)

 She was facing the other way and in the middle of the play mat only a few minutes before this was taken. 

 Handsome boy 

 "What you looking at mom?"

 Sitting up for the first time

 Working in his Star Wars Workbook his daddy got him

 Toes are tasty too

 Rose wore this Minnie Mouse Princess dress for 4 days in a row

 Trying to learn how to use the cup

 Me and Penny

 More progress on sitting up (and wiggly too!)

 Big eyes! They are such a dark blue color right now 

 Sitting on her brother 

 "Look what I have on my head, mommy!"

 Playing with his new toy car he got from his Grandpa Ed and Grandma Lucy 

 She loves sucking on those two fingers on her right hand (but she likes her thumb on her left)

 We got a new pool :) More room to swim around/play then the plastic one we have

 Sisters playing together 

 Enjoying the outdoors 

 Watching her brother and sister in the pool. 

Happy baby!

Here are a few videos too :)

First time eating solids 

Isaac jumping in his new pool

Penny yelling/squealing. Are all my kids going to be loud??

That's it for now! Later this month Grandma Deb comes to visits for a few weeks, so we're excited about that :) And next month (September) we will be going to California and Pennsylvania for a few weeks. Yes, we're nuts traveling with three kids, but we miss our friends and family and can't wait to see everyone!