Thursday, October 30, 2014

Disneyland!! CA/PA Trip - Sept/Oct 2014 - Part 3 of 3

While we were in California we went to Disneyland for 3 days. Isaac had a BLAST and got to ride a ton of rides this time around including things like Matterhorn, Splash Mountain, Star Tours (his favorite) and Space Mountain.

The first day there was extremely hot; over 100degrees. That didn't stop Isaac, who was having a blast, Rose however, wasn't as active and was in the stroller a lot. We had them drink water throughout the day, and we even took Rose and Penny back to the hotel room for a few hours in the middle of the day to cool off and rest. She seemed to perk up but when we went back she fell asleep in the stroller and slept through most of dinner. She did wake up, but she said her throat hurt and wouldn't/couldn't swallow. I decided to take her back to the hotel again after dinner but I stopped by the First Aid station where they took her temp and it was 102. She refused to take any meds, so when we got back to the hotel I gave her a cool bath and her fever went away. I was going to take her to urgent care, but she fell asleep so we decided to let her be until morning. When she woke up, she asked for some milk so we thought that was a good sign that she willing to drink something. However, she ended up throwing up soon after and did that a few more times and would pass out after each time. Grandma Teresa and I decided to take her to the Children's hospital and it's a good thing we did because she was severely dehydrated and her blood sugar was very, very low. Usually, the low side for blood sugar is 60, and she was at 44, and for dehydration, the lowest is usually around 18 and she was at 16. She had to stay over night to make sure she would eat. We were at the hospital with her from about 10am till 8pm and then Matt stayed the night with her so I can go back to the hotel with Penny. Between awesome friends and family, they were able to have Isaac spend as much time at Disneyland as he could. I don't even think he realized that Rose wasn't there lol. Thankfully, she was discharged the next day at 10am. Matt and I took her to CA Adventure park (since she and I both missed going there the day before) then met up with everyone else later. Poor thing missed 1.5days of our 3 days Disney trip, so I hope we are able to do it again in a year or two so she can really enjoy it (and we'll go when it's cooler weather!).

I have lots of pics to post, some from my camera, some from my phone, some from Matt's phone, and some from Erin and Dan.

Day 1
Halloween decorations at Disneyland! 

In line for our first ride

Wouldn't look at the camera 

Also kept looking away from the camera. Stinkers 

Rose and I on the first ride, the Rockets!

Erin went with Isaac on the rocket ride

Rose and I on the Rocket ride

Close up :)

Isaac and I in line for the Star Tours ride

Monika behind us in Autopia and Erin and Dan in the car behind her

Grandma T with Isaac on the Dumbo Ride

Rose and I on the Dumbo ride 

Penny hanging out, watching the action 

Me, Erin, and Monika sporting our Doctor Who shirts :)

Our ONLY family picture while at Disneyland haha… 

Pretty Penny 

Erin and Penny selfie!

Isaac cooling down with some ice-cream 

Isaac in front of the Iron Man suits 

Isaac playing on a Firetruck in Toon Town

Matt with Rose on his lap, and me with Penny on my lap, on the Buzz Lightyear ride

Passed out before dinner (we thought she was just tired)

Waiting for dinner. Her hair curl was getting curlier the hotter it was

Mommy and Ikey selfie!

Auntie Erin with Penny 

Isaac in front of the giant Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

End of day 1 (Rose, Penny and I were already back at the hotel room)

Day 2

 Isaac and Matt waiting in line for a ride 

 Waiting to go on Maters Tractor ride

 My boys :)


 Isaac and Matt on the ride 

 On the Cars ride. Isaac is in the back and Matt is in the front haha

 Walking across a rope bridge 

Another view of Isaac going across the rope bridge 

 Isaac on the ferris wheel 

 Talking with Mater. I was told he was roaring like the Hulk at him (cuz of his shirt)

 Erin and Isaac next to a tractor 

On Luigi's bumper cars ride

 Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Rose was passed out after throwing up a few times. Made the decision to take her a nearby Children's Hospital. 

 Passed out, even while they put in her IV in her hand… you know something is wrong when they don't move during that process. Her blood sugar was extremely low and she was severely dehydrated. 

 Sleeping with an IV in

 My poor baby :( 

 After a few hours, she finally woke up and asked for a snack. They had her drink some juice first to make sure she would keep it down. Then had some crackers. 

 She was feeling better but they admitted her in overnight, just to keep an eye on her. The hospital jammies were kind of cute.

Daddy took over the night-shift. Here she is watching some Umizoomie before going to sleep. 

 We got to see Firework from our hotel window :) 

Isaac watching the fireworks from the hotel room. 

Day 3

All set for the final day of Disneyland!

Happy to have Rose out of the hospital! She took is pretty easy this day. Matt and I took her to CA Adventure park since she missed it yesterday. 

 Rose and I walking into the Bugs Life area 

 With Rose at a waterfall 

 Isaac and Erin on a roller coaster in Toon Town 

Erin and Dan let him pick out a hat. He chose Goofy :) Fitting! 

 Hugging Goofy while wearing his Goofy Hat

 I love this picture! 

 Isaac pointing out where he wants to go 

 On the Merry-go-Round

 "Driving" a car in Toon Town 

 Grandma T hopped in for a photo op :) 

Checking out what Donald was doing

And… that's all for Disneyland pictures!  Next post will be pictures from the month of October. Stay tuned!