Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The month of August

The month of August seemed to fly by even though we didn't do too much. I do have pictures of our growing kids of course :)

The month of September is going to be a BUSY one. We're going to be taking about a 3 week vacation and visiting family in California and Pennsylvania and we're also going to Disneyland! So I promise next month will have tons of pictures :)

As usual, I have pictures from the camera and my phone. First up, are the pictures from the camera.

 She's always such a happy baby 

 This face cracks me up!

 Skyping with family 

 Wearing a Penn State hat

 She actually kept it on for a while

 Isaac loving Rosie 

 Rosie giving Penny hugs

 "I'm not tiiiiired!"

 Hanging out before bed, reading books

 She looks so exhausted in this picture, but she had just gotten over being sick for about a week. 

 Pretty girl with a cute bow

Penny is 7 months old already!

 Her sister and brother wanted to join… Can you guess what Isaac wants to be for Halloween? haha.. 

Trying to get smiles 

Here are the pictures from the phone

 This is how daddy "toddler wears" haha! 

 Pool time!

 Getting some fresh air 

 Hanging out on daddy's chair 

 Playing with her beach bag

 Might be hard to see, but the top says "Iaasc" so I told him the correct order of his name and he fixed it. 

 Penny with Sky 

 Penny with Isabella 

 Sky, Isaac, Rose, and Penny playing 

 "Just give me food, mom."

 Me and Rosie 

 Isaac at dinner 

 tons of toys! 

 "Help! I'm stuck."

 Big sister helping out little sister

 Eating watermelon in her mesh feeder 

 Playing nicely together!

 She loves to hold onto my ear

 Attacking her brother 

 Writing his first and last name 

 Playing hopscotch 

 With the help of my friend Brooke, we made this baby carrier 

 Passed out

 Her hair is SO LONG! 

How long her hair grew in a year!

 At her well-child check up. She received a new book 

 Playing with the paper 

 Eating lunch outside 

 Attacking the camera and smiling 

 Isaac picked out his Halloween costume already 

 He came out of the bathroom and said "Mommy, are you proud of me?". He wrote his name on his face… thankfully it washed off with a baby wipe. 
And yes, I was proud of him!

 Got Rosie a My Little Pony jacket 

Got Isaac a Spiderman jacket

And here are a few cute videos 

Penny's cute attempt at "crawling". Not quite there yet!

It may just be babbling but she's saying Mama!

She's so funny when she attacks her food!

That's all for now!