Saturday, October 18, 2014

CA/PA Trip - Sept/Oct 2014 - Part 2 of 3

Welcome to Part 2 of our traveling adventure blog post!

This post will contain pictures from our time in Pennsylvania and the few days in CA while we waited for a flight back home to Hawaii.

Just like in CA, our schedule in PA was also crazy busy. But again, we saw lots of family and friends and we had a great time.

Sept 22 - We flew into PA late at night and we went to Deb and Joe's for the night.
Sept 23 - We went to Knox and spent a few nights at Terry and Cindy's place
Sept 24 - Visited with Great Grandpa Black and Great Grandma Marne for a little bit.
Sept 25 - Went to the Elk County Visitor Center with Grandpa Terry and Grandma Cindy
Sept 26 - On the way from leaving Knox, we visited with Grandma and Grandpa Amsler. Then headed back to Zelienople where the kids got to play with some cousins who came up that night for the party the next day
Sept 27 - Party at Deb and Joe's house with lots of family and friends visiting, including the Ling's who drove up from Maryland to see us!
Sept 28 - Drove up to Erie where we had dinner at Mr. and Mrs. B's house then went to Marc's to stay the night
Sept 29 - Had dinner at Joe and Kara's house then made our way back to Zelienople
Sept 30 - Matt, Penny, and I just relaxed and got everything ready for traveling. Deb took Isaac and Rose to a petting zoo where they got to feed lots of animals and ride horses. This was our last day in PA.

Oct 1st - Flew to Sacramento where we met up with Grandpa Ed and Grandma Lucy. We stayed at a family unit at the Travis hotel which was basically a small apartment setting. Two bedrooms, living room, and full kitchen.
Oct 2nd - relaxed most of the day and met up with my cousin Anneka, her boyfriend, and his two little boys. We went to Chuck-E-Cheese that night for the dinner and the kids had a blast.
Oct 3rd - There were two flights scheduled this day, one with a roll-call at 6:10am and another at 11:30am. The one at 11:30 got canceled so we tried for the 6:10am one, but there were only 12seats and by the time they called our name, only two seats where available. We decided to go to Funderland and Fairy Tail Land that day with the kids. Grandma Teresa and Papa Mikee met up with for dinner that night.
Oct 4th - Another roll call today at 6:10am, this time there were 73 seats. We were called to sign into this flight. We got our tickets and checked in our luggage and waited in the kid-zone until they called us to go through security… only, the plane broke and they couldn't fix it that day. So we had to return the next morning in hopes the plane was fixed. Grandma Teresa drove up to stay with us to help us get to the airport with all our stuff in the morning.
Oct 5th - Third day in a row where we had to be at the terminal at 6:10am (this means the past few mornings of us waking up at 4:45am and getting everything ready to go). This time we were able to go through security and even got ON the plane… before the plane broke again and we had to go back to the terminal. This flight got pushed back yet another day. The next day was a few more flights back to Hawaii. So once again, back to the hotel. By this time, the kids were DONE and Isaac would keep crying about wanting to go home. It was so sad.
Oct 6th - Roll call was at 8am. Got on the first flight and was able to GO HOME! Yay!!!!!

Pennsylvania pictures

Rose picked a bell pepper straight from Grandpa Terry's garden and started eating it lol 

Playing croquette 

Playing with the toys at Grandpa's house

Taking a ride with Grandpa Terry.

Rosie flying a kite with Penny watching

She did a good job of not letting go of the kite

 Neat picture of her flying the kite

 Great Grandparents, Marne and Grandpa Black with Penny

 Great Grandparents with Penny, Rose, and Isaac (who didn't want to take a picture, obviously)

 Penny checking out Grandpa Terry's new car

 We went to a park to eat lunch before going up to the Elk Visitor Center…. and if you look closely, you'll that an elk just walked through the park we were having lunch at. 

 Closer picture of the elk

Kids playing on the swing set while Penny munches on grass haha

 They had a baby swing too, but it was so low the ground that Penny's feet touched… 

 A little past the visitor center, we took a little hike to go looking for elk. There was usually hundreds out but that day there was none. Here is Grandpa Terry with Isaac and Rose, taking a little rest in the tall grass. 

 Playing with Grandpa on the floor

 Rose with Grandma Cindy

 Isaac and Rose with Grandma Cindy

 Penny with Grandma Cindy

 Penny with Grandpa Terry 

 She liked playing with his beard haha 

 Penny with Grandma Amsler 

 Isaac and Rose playing with toys at Grandpa and Grandma Amsler's house. These toys are like 30yrs old. 

Grandpa Amsler with Penny

 Grandpa Amsler with Penny and Isaac

 Isaac giving Grandma Amsler some hugs

 Isaac with Grandma Amsler 

 Rose on the flying turtle scooter at Grandma Deb's house 

 Told him to say cheese haha

 Cousins watching Frozen.. Zack, Jimmy, Marissa, Rose, and Maddie

Marissa, Maddie, and Rose playing ring-around-the-rosie

 All fall down!

Penny was helping her daddy play Cards Against Humanity

 Rose loved playing this old cell phone, now being used as a toy

 Isaac, Maddie, and Marissa

All the girls hanging out, Isabella, Rose, Marissa, and Maddie

 Grandma Amsler with Penny

 Grandma Amsler with Rose

 Uncle Danny taking the boys out on a ride on the "mule"

Now it's the girls turn!

 Isaac on the flying turtle scooter

 Slip-n-slide time!

 There goes Isaac, on his belly haha

 Isaac was sitting around all the women while eating dinner, telling them about school and stuff… he doesn't even GO to school yet!!

 Isaac with Noah and Liam!

 We told Isaac to put his arm around Noah's neck….this is what he thought we meant LOL!

 Me and Liv. Miss her!!!

 Isaac with Grandma Amsler 

 Penny trying to grab at Grandma Amslers hair 

All 10 cousins!!! Isaac, Maddie, Marissa, Isabella, Jake, Caleb, Jimmy, Zack who is holding Penny, and Rose in the box (this was the ONLY way she'd take this picture without melting down haha)

 Grandpa Amsler with Penny

 Rose and Maddie

 Going down the hill together 


 Noah and Isaac hugging goodbye :(

 Rose hanging out at the bonfire with her juice 

Penny chewing on some bread (she got real mad when I had to take it away too!)

 Penny hanging out Grandma Deb

Cute little Penny

 Very blurry, but Mr and Mrs B with the kids

 When we got to  Marc's house, Rose was passed out haha!

 Penny at Chick-fil-a for the first time

At Joe and Kara's house, Penny was checking out Steve the Duck

 Penny and her cute little hair curl 

 So Smiley!

 Waiting for food

 Isaac was excited to feed Santa's Reindeer 

 I can just hear Rose's voice saying "He's so cuuuute!"

 She was supposed to feed the carrots to the animals, but instead, she ate them haha

 He loved feeding the giraffes 

 Cute picture of my big kids!

 Love this one!

 She's still eating carrots… 

 Neat pic of how they get to the carrot from small people! lol 

 Isaac riding a horse

 Rose riding a horse 

 Last bath in PA was in Grandma Deb's big tub with LOTS of bubbles! 

They had so much fun!

Back in California
Waiting at the Kid Zone area at the Pittsburgh Airport before the flight 

 Grandpa Ed with Penny at the airport 

Grandma Lucy with Penny at the airport 

Isaac and Rose "helping" Grandma with the luggage haha

 Rosie playing new toys from Grandma and Grandpa 

Isaac playing with new toys from Grandma and Grandpa 

 Penny enjoying her new toys as well 

 Grandma Lucy with her three grandkids :) 

 Mmmm ice-cream!

 Rosie and Penny at the park

 Rosie trying to push Isaac on the swings lol 

 I was swinging with Penny and she was cracking up laughing! So cute 

 The kids eating at Home Town Buffet

 The place we stayed at had a big, enclosed balcony. Penny liked to explore it.

 Grandpa Ed got sent to the corner, haha!!!

 Rosie ready to go to Funderland 

 I was playing with Penny's hair and got into her first top-knot

 Penny is ready to go!

 Grandpa Ed with Penny

 Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Ed with Penny and Isaac 


 Funny faces with Grandpa

 Awe, nice smiles!

 Hugs for Grandpa 

 Rose loved this "fishy ride" and probably rode it 8 times or so

 Isaac as the Cowardly Lion 

 Rose as the Cowardly Lion 

Isaac with two Grandma's :)

 Waiting at the airport (which didn't leave that day) in the kid zone area. 

 Rosie giving Penny kisses… so cute!

 She stole Grandma T's phone and watch and was walking around everywhere pretending to make calls


 We thought we were going home, but instead they had us get off the plane because there was still issues.. the kids were not amused. 

Finally heading home! Rose passed out hardcore for three hours!

That is all for this update. The next one will be part 3, which will be pictures from Disneyland :)