Monday, February 9, 2015

January 2015 and Penny's 1st Birthday pics

January was spent with Grandma Deb here for three weeks and Papa Joe here for one week. It was great seeing them and the kids enjoyed getting spoiled. It was also spent preparing for Penny's first birthday! Her first year seemed to fly by (though I think I say that with all of my kids at each of their birthdays haha).

As usual, there are two groups of pictures, one from our regular camera and the other from my cell phone.

From the camera:
 Drooly, smiley baby

 Pig tails!

 Caught playing with markers (cap was still on)

 Taking picture of everyone playing and Penny decided to flash the camera 

 How they watch TV sometimes

 She got stuck under her chair while trying to get grandma's soda bottle

 Mmm donuts for breakfast!

 Donuts and fruit, yummy!

 Yum yum!

 Messy donut face!

 Birthday morning 

 Taken in the middle of telling a story

 Did not want her picture taken

 Opening her present from her brother and sister 

 Isaac and Rose wanted to play with Penny's new toys.... Penny seems much more interested in the wrapping paper anyways haha

 Stuffed fox from mommy and daddy 

 Lots of clothes! 

 Daddy and Rose. Matt was going to an awards banquet so he was wearing his Mess Dress

 After making cupcakes for Penny's party, these kids wanted to help lick the batter

 Playing with a gift she got at her birthday from the Franco's

 Her birthday party outfit with bow

Party favors 

 "Hive" smash cake for Penny 

 Bee cupcakes for everyone else 

 Snack table - lemonade, dry cereal to munch on (Honey Buzzers and Honey Nut Cheerios), and yellow jello

 Pineapple and grape kabob fruit to go with bee theme party 

 Sky and Rose playing

 Miss Wendy with Kaylee, Penny, and Devin

 Kaylee and Penny 

 She loves balloons

 Penny's birthday poster that Grandma Deb made her

 Littlest party go-er, Logan!

 Just playing a balloon

 Oops, closed her eyes

 Birthday girl! 

 Playing with her bee bow

 Getting ready for her cake! 

 Watching mommy light the candle 

Let's get ready to sing! (video at the bottom of post!)

From my phone:

 Her shades match her outfit 

 "Leave me alone, I'm sleeping"

 Penny loves baby Logan 

 Yummy pizza!

 Rose got her very first hair cut!!!

 At the salon 

Before and after compilation

Playing at the park 

At the park 

Sitting on Papa Joe while watching TV

Her pig tails look like bug antennas! 

In her new swim outfit from Grandma Deb 

Playing at the Lego store 

Waiting for her dinner. I just love putting her in pig tails! 

Yummy dinner at CPK!

Rose didn't want to walk anymore... 

All three watching Aladdin 

Playing with his new *regular* Legos. 

First picture of the birthday girl! 

Excited to go out to dinner for her birthday!

At her 12m well-child checkup. She is 21lbs 13oz and 28.2in tall 

She got a new book at her appointment

"Reading" her new book

And now some videos!
Singing to Penny at her birthday (and waiting for her to dig into her cake, which she didn't do)

She's like a cat, following the laser light haha

Styling her hair with mashed potatoes haha