Sunday, March 15, 2015

February 2015 and Isaac's 5th Birthday pics

February has come to a close, and our three months of celebrating birthdays is finally over; it was a fun and busy time!

This month, Isaac turned 5 years old! My big boy. At his well-child check up he measured at 42lbs and 3ft 5.5inches tall. I also registered him for Kindergarten!!! His first day is August 3rd. I know it's still months away, but I have a feeling this summer will fly by and he'll be starting school before I know it.

I feel like I've been taking less and less pictures during the months and I'm going to try and start taking more. These kids are getting so big and I want to capture it all!

Here are pictures from Isaac's 5th Birthday Party

 Green rice crispy treats to be turned into....

 Ninja Turtles! 

 All four turtles

 All four layers of the cake baked (the blue fell a part so that was to be the bottom color)

 Green cupcakes

 All four layers stacked, one color for each ninja turtle

 All iced up

 The rest of the turtle rice crispy treats

Drinks in turtle colors, fruit and veggie trays, and rice crispy treats for the party 

 Rose, Sky, and Benji waiting for cake

 Checking out his cake

Isaac's awesome ninja turtle cake

 Daddy lightning the candles 

 Singing to Isaac

 Blowing out the candles 

 Eating cake. Yummy!

All four layers

 Opening presents


 Penny being cute

 Smilin' Logan

Here are the rest of the pictures from the camera from before and after Isaac's birthday party.

 Getting ready to go on a hike

 Ready for a hike as well

 Ready to start the hike!

 Isaac and Sky, trying to figure out who will be walking Theo on this hike 

 The boys with the Theo 

 Lil Sky walking Theo 

 Lacey, Rose, Isaac, and Sky looking out at the whales (they were too far to get a picture of)

 Logan chilling in the stroller during the hike

 Our hiking group (Penny was in her stroller)

 Lacey and Logan 

 Penny munching on an apple 

 Silly Rosie 

Having fun in a big box

 This old man is 10yrs old! 

 Sky spent the night after the party and MY kids were jumping all around the air mattress he was going to sleep on 

 Sky :) 

 Birthday boy!!!!!!!! 

 More presents to open on his birthday 

 Making silly faces 

 He got stuck in his chair.... 

 Laying on the landing 

Daddy and Penny watching TV

Pictures from my cell phone
 Playing with one of her new toys she got from her birthday 

 So pretty in this color! 

 Sisterly love!

 Playing outside with the bubble machine 

 So cute when sleeping! 

 Playing with one of Penny's toys in the kitchen 

 Playing outside 

We let him open one gift early, and mega hot wheels race track! 

 Setting up some of the track 

 All the kids love this track set! 

At his 5yr appt. 

 Waiting for Isaac to get done with his appointment 

 Eating her first oreo

 All registered for Kindergarten at Nimitz Elementary!!

 Family Movie night! Big Hero 6

 Chilling out with a snack cup

Some movies!!
Signing Happy Birthday to Isaac!

Just a cute video of Penny walking around