Saturday, April 4, 2015

March 2015

March was filled with outings, play dates, and even some hikes. I joined a group called Hiking with Keiki and I am attempting to do at least one or two hikes a week with the kids. I figured this was a good way to explore the island during our last year here, as well as meet new friends and get some fresh air and exercise :)

Camera and phone pics

 Rose was in the corner and Penny decided to join her by putting her head on the door 

 She loves putting on shoes... anyone's shoes!

 Such a ham

 Another ham of mine! 

 Sisters playing together

Little cutie!

 Playing with mommy's baby carrier

 Rose and Devin in the bounce house

 Penny and Kaylee playing

 My messy face!

 At the sand park

 She looks like she is up to something

 Being sweet 

 My other little cutie

 Waiting for cupcakes to get done (watermelon flavored!)

 Sisterly love!

 Isaac bowling at a friends birthday party 

 Not bad Isaac!

 Rose's turn (she got a little help)

 My little Lucky Charm 

 My three kiddo's on St. Patrick's Day

 Was so sleepy that she slept through a diaper change! 

 Penny exploring the Splash Pad for the first time


 Enjoying some ice cream!

 Can't believe this baby is already 14months!

I had just mopped too... 

Hiking pictures

By the end of March I had been to hiking events.. one actual hike on Hanauma Bay Ridge and one social event at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens to wear yellow for a little boy named Seth. 

 The ridge hike was very steep! 

 Kids and I at the top of the ridge

 Heading back down

 Rose being the leader haha

 Sunset hike was very pretty :) 

 Part of the group coming back down the ridge 

 Hanauma Bay from the ridge hike

 Pic of Penny from the carrier

Checking out flowers on the way down 

 Penny enjoying waling around Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens

 Lake at the gardens 

 Checking out the ducks in the water and feeding them goldfish

 Our friend Harley 

 Isaac and Devin hanging out 

 Making a card

 Playing by a really big tree

 Just a glimpse of the people at the event 

 Isaac, Penny, and me

 Our friend Jaden with me, Penny, and Rose. 

Another pic of our friend Harley. 

 A photographer at the even took these next two pictures of Penny :) 

Group picture!!!

That's all the pictures for now :) Happy Easter!